1998 IMTA Annual Conference

Pensacola, Florida, USA

  1998 Harry Greer Award

For Outstanding Contributions to the Spirit and Goals of the IMTA

Jeff Higgs
Canadian Defence Forces Headquarters
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Harry Greer Awardees at this year's conference: (Left to Right) Jim Mitchell, 1994; Jay Tartell, 1997; Jeff Higgs, 1998; Marty Wiskoff, 1987; Ray Waldkoetter, 1983

Other Photos

Reception: On the Veranda (Monday evening)
L->R: Bill Wimpee, Johnny Weissmuller, Don Cross, Gary Grimes, Frank Gentner
aperitif - centre Corine Cian, le France
(photo by LtCol Drs. Frans Matser, Netherlands)

Morning Break Between Sessions
On the right: Dr. Gerd Rodel, Zentrum fur Nachwuchagewinnung der Marine, Wilhelshaven, Deutchland (other faces in shadow)

Seeking the Afternoon Shade
 (left, Canadians at ease; right, U.S. Navy trainers)

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